Reciprocating Compressors 2nd Generation (Open Drive)


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Open drive reciprocating compressors are available in two model series: for (H)CFC/HFC refrigerants and ammonia. Due to the open drive design, standard motors can be attached to the compressor via coupling housing or belt drive. Reliability and easy maintenance have made them popular options for years.

Suitable for coupling and belt drives.

The flange surface on the side of the shaft duct enables the direct extension of the motor (IEC B3/B5) by means of a coupling housing (accessory).

The lightweight design and careful balancing of the moving mechanical parts result in extremely smooth running.

The surface-hardened crankshaft, optimised piston form and chromium-plated compression rings guarantee low frictional losses and a long service life.

Highly efficient and robust valve plate design resulting from a new style of valve construction – Equipped with proven design elements.

Pressure oil lubrication with reversible gear pump.

The special oil return system results in extremely low oil carry over.

Cooled shaft seal by means of pressure oil rinsing and suction gas circulation, resulting in low thermal loads and excellent stability.

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Reciprocating Compressors 2nd Generation (Open Drive)



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