Axial Fan ZAplus (ZN Series)


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Properties & special features:

  • Intelligent ventilation system with built-in efficiency guarantee
  • Extremely low operating costs due to optimum efficiency with minimum noise emissions as a result of bionic blade design and aerodynamically optimised ZAplus nozzles
  • High flexibility due to 100% speed controlled volume flow rate
  • High degree of corrosion protection with corrosion-free nozzles made of high-performance composite material
  • Very smooth running and high durability due to dynamic balancing in 2 planes
  • Increased air handling capacity with Highend-Diffusor possible (ZAplus+)
  • Reduced handling time as no packaging needed
  • Meets ErP Directive 2015
  • Numerous approvals (incl. VDE, UL, CCC, EAC, CE)

Motor concepts:

External rotor motors

  • ECblue EC technology: with integrated controller matched to the fan
  • AC technology


Axial Fan 20″ – 380V – 3 phase – 4 pole ZN050 – VDL
Axial Fan 25″ – 380V – 3 phase – 4 pole ZN063 – VDL
Axial Fan 32″ – 380V – 3 phase – 6 pole ZN080 – SDL

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ZN050 – VDL, ZN063 – VDL, ZN080 – SDL

Axial Fan ZAplus (ZN Series)



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